Holly Bell shows you how to cook animal-shaped lemony biscuits with 4-year-olds — with minimal mess and lots of fun. These simple biscuits are quick to make, and the kids will love shaping them into their favourite animals.



We’re having a bit of a play date here today. I’ve got
Benjamin: Benjamin
Benjamin and
Audrey: Audrey
Joe: Joe
Sienna: Sisi
So what I thought we’d do is make some lemony biscuits in the shape of animals, does that sound good?
All: Yes!
To make these simple lemony biscuits you’ll need some salted butter, soft brown sugar, an egg, some plain flour, some baking powder, the zest of a lemon, and some cranberries and pearls to decorate. Right first thing we need to do is make the biscuit dough. This has got butter and sugar in. Now one person needs to hold the bowl and the other person needs to stir it with a wooden spoon. Can we see any lumps of butter in there?
Sienna: Yes I can, there!
Ooh, when you’ve got your butter and your sugar really really well mixed, crack an egg into this bowl OK? That’s it, really good, well done, yay!
Pop this egg into the biscuit mixture. Next we’re going to pop in half a teaspoon of baking powder, now give it a really good stir. Really good! Does anyone know what this is?
Lemon, well done. What does it smell of?
Sienna: Lemonade.
Can I smell it? It does smell of lemonade! That’s lovely. OK does anyone know what this is?
Yeah, well done, and I’d like you to put it all into the bowl please. Wow that’s loads isn’t it? Look at that can you see? Does that look like biscuit dough now? That’s really good Audrey. If you find that your dough is sticking to the table you can use a little bit of flour, put it down, sprinkle it. Like this, and then it’s easier to roll on.
Sienna: I’m making a ball for him.
For Joe? That’s really nice.
Benjamin: I’m making a tiger.
You’re making a tiger! Now I think, this snake is missing something. Shall I see if I’ve got something to make into eyes?
Joe: I think, sprinkles?
Sprinkles! That is such a good idea Joe. Good work. Look at that, one red eye and one white eye. Audrey, what are you making there?
Audrey: Um, a dog.
Ah, its lovely. Look at that. And I was thinking we can use these cranberries as spikes.
Shall we put the biscuits on the tray?
Sienna: Yes.
Joe: Yeah!
Yeah, come on then. Let’s put them all on. Really good.
I’m going to get the snail on.
Really good guys, these are fantastic biscuits. Ok guys, shall we tidy up, bake these biscuits and have a drink? Yeah?
All: Yeah!
I’m going to put them in the fridge first just to firm them up. And then, time to bake our biscuits. Who’s ready for some biscuits?
All: Me!
Look at those wow. What do they taste like?


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